Presentation Guidelines

Presentation Guide for Oral Presenters

Speakers are kindly asked to see the session chair 10 minutes before the session and to bring their presentation on a stick, a laptop will be provided. Each oral presenter is allotted 20 minutes. Of these, 15-17 minutes are allocated for the presentation and the rest for answering questions from the audience. Please stick to the time limit!

For your presentation slides, use one of the following formats: PPT or PPTX or PDF. Please lay out the slides in 4:3 format. There is not a mandatory template.

Presentation Guide for Poster Presenters

There are two poster introduction sessions, one on Wednesday and the other on Thursday. During and after lunch, there will be time for attendees to view the posters in the adjacent room. In this introduction session, each presenter has 2 minutes to present the important points of their poster supported by 1-2 slides (format 4:3). The slides contain the title, authors, affiliation and a few selected graphics from the corresponding paper.

The poster viewing for the participants will be during the lunch break of that day (12:30-14:00). Presenters are kindly asked to have lunch but then be present with your poster for the rest of the lunchbreak timeslot for the poster viewing.

If for some reason you can’t make it to your poster presentation on time, please let us know at once.

Please bring your printed poster to the conference. The format should be A0 (84.1 x 118.9 cm, portrait style).

Poster presenters are welcome to use this template, but it is not a must. It is important that you follow these guidelines when creating your poster:

  • Format A0 (84.1 x 118.9 cm, portrait style)
  • No font smaller than 18
  • Use bullet points, avoid long narrative text
  • Pictures and diagrams in good resolution

Assistance for hanging the posters will be available. All posters should hang by the first coffee break on the poster presentation day and must be picked up by Friday morning. Posters that have not been picked up will not be kept.